Over the years, Berisca has been recognized for exceptional marketing achievements, till it became one of the most promising full-service Marketing Communications Agencies in MENA, offering creative, strategic and technical solutions to drive its customers’ business further and gives them the opportunity to take up the challenge and create their niche in the global marketplace.

From Social Media Management, Content Creation and Influencer Marketing to Public Relations, Media Production and Talent Management, a team with a unique mix of skills knit together by their client-focused process, honed by a sense of innovation, that delivers a One-Stop Digital Experience.


Founded in 2012, Berisca had redefined the industry of Digital Marketing by giving birth to what we now know as Influencer Marketing Communications. Founders believed that it is time to build a global base of well educated and law abiding talents who believe in social responsibility of their work as Influencers and Brand Ambassadors.

We create marketing campaigns that focus on targeting key influencers who will present your brand to their own audience. Our team specializes in making a connection between your brand and the influencers who are most in tune with the type of audience you’re targeting.


Berisca acts as a boutique talent agency, a curated collective of some of the world’s most unique and powerful celebrities, social media influencers, brand ambassadors, creatives and models, with an ethos built on the passion we have for nurturing and supporting the careers of all our clients; whilst we help in boosting the careers of our more established influencers we also encourage and nurture fresh talent.

Berisca’s commitment to the personalities it represents is its greatest strength. The stability and depth of experience of its management team allows the agency to stand out in a business where volatility is the norm.




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