Use of Likeness

Berisca agrees to render such advice, guidance, counsel, and all of its marketing services as Brand Ambassador may reasonably require to further his/her career as a Social Influencer, Brand Ambassador or Model and to develop new and different areas within which Brand Ambassador’s talents can be developed and exploited, including but not limited to the following benefits:

i. To represent the Brand Ambassador and act as his/her negotiator in Egypt and Middle East Countries, to fix the terms governing all manner of disposition, use, employment or exploitation of his/her talents.

ii. To supervise the Brand Ambassador’s professional employment, and on his/her behalf, to consult with employers and prospective employers so as to assure the proper use and continued demand for his/her influencing and commercial services.

iii. To be available at reasonable times in Egypt to confer with the Brand Ambassador in connection with all matters concerning his/her professional career, business interests, employment, and publicity.

iv. To exploit the Brand Ambassador’s personality in all media, and in connection therewith, to approve and permit for the purpose of trade, advertising and publicity, the use, dissemination, reproduction or publication of his/her name, photographic likeness and voice.

v. To engage, discharge, direct such marketing agencies, booking agencies and employment agencies, as well as other firms, persons or corporations who may be retained for the purpose of securing contacts, engagements or employment for the Brand Ambassador.

vi. To be responsible for bringing paid advertising and sponsoring contracts for the Brand Ambassador within the countries where Berisca provides its services.

vii. To work on marketing and featuring the Brand Ambassador in the most known newspapers, magazines, TV and various media channels through interviews, recommendations and photo-sessions.

viii. To fund the Brand Ambassadors paid ads on social media platforms, targeting audience segments of followers placed in the different countries.

ix. To produce and market the Brand Ambassador’s own video content on YouTube, where the returns from the sponsorship contracts will all go for him/her.

x. To pay the Brand Ambassador a commission of 15% up to 20% of the contract’s value between Berisca and any of the customers deal with the company through him/her, and

xi. To give the priority for the Brand Ambassador to participate in any of the marketing campaigns for those customers, whether in the position of “Marketing Consultant”, “Brand Ambassador”, “Commercial Model” or “Influencer Marketer”, and Brand Ambassador will be paid a monthly salary during the period of the campaign starting from $ 600 minimum up to $ 4,000 according to the work agreed upon.

xii. To invite the Brand Ambassador to attend the annual Influencers Event held by Berisca in one of the countries in which the company is active, and cover all the expenses related to aviation, accommodation, transportation and tours.

Brand Ambassador further grants to Berisca the irrevocable right and permission to film, photograph or otherwise record Brand Ambassador and to reproduce, publish, distribute, display, broadcast, exhibit, or in any other way use Brand Ambassador’s image, likeness, voice, photograph and name (including nicknames), without restriction of any kind, worldwide and in royalty-free, for the purpose of advertising, publicity, promotion, and/or other marketing for Berisca and/or the Work, in all media now known or hereafter developed (including without limitation in social media).

Brand Ambassador will regard and retain as confidential and will not divulge to any third party, or use for any unauthorized purposes (including Brand Ambassador’s own benefit) either during or after Brand Ambassador’s engagement with Company, any proprietary, or confidential information or know-how that Brand Ambassador has acquired during Brand Ambassador’s service or in consequence of Brand Ambassador’s service or contacts with Berisca without the written consent of an authorized representative of Company. Brand Ambassador agrees to return to Company all such documentation and any other confidential information upon termination of Brand Ambassador’s engagement with Berisca.